Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saturday Good Things


Like most of us, I want to do good things. Things that improve myself, my attitude, things that help others and things that make at least a little bit of the world a little bit better. So, I am starting a series that I will post every week called 'Saturday Good Things'. I hope to challenge myself to do something good every week. Sometimes it will be one positive action, sometimes a donation of money or time, sometimes it will be a change in my behaviour. I will share these activities with you in the hope that maybe some of you will be inspired to join the challenge and do a Good Thing or two. I'm not trying to preach, there's enough preaching out there already, and I think it's time for some action. So here I go. I am a Lime of Action.


This week, my Good Thing will be one of the most well advertised Good Things slogans of all time. Again with the originality today. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I love fruit flavoured water. Love. Possibly even cherish. But it comes in these unfortunately unfriendly plastic bottles. This week, I will go without them. 

Instead, I will go with this. Anyone remember this photo from 5 minutes ago?

So my Good Thing Challenge: I will Reduce my plastic bottle consumption to zero. I will Reuse my handy reusable water bottle. And I will Recycle the plastic bottles I used before this challenge began.

Green transport to the recycling bank also appreciated. 


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