Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites


I have seen this in video form many times in YouTube land and now, I bring it to you in blogger. 

Please, rejoice in my lack of originality:


May Favourite 1: Victoria's Secret PINK Water Bottle. This was my first purchase when PINK opened in London. And it is big. Because everything is bigger in Texas. America. London. 

May Favourite 2: A pair of things, Vichy BB Creme and Garnier Perfect Blur. I have very pale, pink toned skin and every foundation, BB Creme and CC Cream in the universe is too yellow or too dark for me. Until now! Thank you, France, people who have to look at my face during the day appreciate it.

May Favourite 3: Filofax Malden A5. This Filofax is not new. I have used it religiously for a year and a half, and have used Filofaxes in general for about a decade. I have achieved a lot in that decade and if it wasn't for Filofaxes I probably wouldn't have got anything done. (Filofax tour pending)

 May Favourite 4: LeighAnnsays' colour blocking and tri-accent nail art. I have been wearing this most of the month and she just posted a tutorial. I have been loving Rimmel Silver Bullet as a base, Revlon Colourstay Sequin for the tri-accent and Topshop's Boy Next Door for the colour blocking. Boy Next door definitely wins nail polish colour of the month. Please forgive my broken, crooked fingers.

May Favourite 5: Garnier Ambre Solaire Light Glow No Streaks Bronzer for fair skin. Like most people, coming out of a long (snow in April?) winter, I need a little bit of colour on my legs before I wear shorts or I could be considered a blinding white visual hazard. As a pale human I have always been a little fearful of fake tan, and as a cheapskate I have always avoided the £30 tins that pale humans normally have to shell out for if they don't want to turn orange. This Garnier spray gives the tiniest bit of warmth and colour without going overboard. But, one layer is enough. Two layers is overboard.

May Favourite 6: Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel. Grapefruits. Delicious grapefruits.

May Favourite 7: Odd numbers. Even numbers unwelcome.

Happy June!



  1. Now THAT'S a water bottle! I can't stand the smaller ones. I need a Big Gulp variety! Thanks for sharing - even though I am male I found your post interesting! Cheers KFO

    1. Completely agree. Tiny waterbottles are inferior. Thanks for my first ever comment! From a real live boy, no less! ;)